What I planted in fury grew vigorously within one night, but was destructed by rain. What I planted with love sprouted slowly and matured late but in blessed abundance.

[Peter Rosegger]

We have been breeding this magnificent and fascinating Italian breed since 2012. We have started approaching this breed in a simple and spontaneous manner, when we decided to dedicate time to searching the precious truffles, partly for curiosity, partly because our territory in the Northern Italy is famous for it. It got clear very soon that a Lagotto Romagnolo would be the perfect dog to fulfill our expectations as newly-born truffle-seekers, due both to its attitude and character.

We got carried away by this unique representative of the canine world, by its rusticity, its being a true Italian breed, and its agreeable and fun appearance. In fact, the Lagotto Romagnolo is the only breed world-wide that is officially recognized and specialized as a truffle-searching dog.

During these years of laborious work side by side with the furry members of our team, Fulvio (Full della Metaurense), Pina della TaparinaCarla dei Colli IrpiniEttoreCacaoLatteFondente and Nocciola have gained numerous titles and recognitions in show and for working. Genetic and orthopedic controls have added to the excellence of our dogs, but the components that never fail to surprise and excite us are the adoptability and extraordinary even temper of our puppies.

And this is what make Lagotto Romagnolo an excellent family dog.

A dog which fame is spreading fast beyond national borders to conquer GermanyAustriaSwitzerlandSweden or the United States. Slowly but steadily our kennel could distinguish itself through expertise, courtesy, reliability and determination in following the standards set by the Club Italiano del Lagotto Romagnolo. True and helpful friends like Lorenzo CiacciTommaso BellomoMattia Farn√®Massimo RocaDavide Fronzetti and our Handler Ilaria Cantini, have been supporting us on our way with knowledge and professionalism.


When they impersonate the professional role of "truffle dogs," Lagots certainly persist and will prove to be wonderful pets on a daily basis, but they will require extensive training to become proficient truffle hunters, as the goal will be to get them to connect the smell of truffles with the reward, which very often coincides with the truffle hunter's happiness. This dedication is rewarded by the fact that truffles are a profitable commodity-sometimes a single truffle can fetch several thousand euros!

The Lagotto Romagnolo's combination of intelligence, loyalty, strength, curiosity, empathy, sensitivity, agility and courage makes it the perfect breed for those seeking a devoted companion and consequently a friend for raids in the woods in search of the precious tuber.

The Lagotto's ability to smell truffles is so finely tuned that it can detect truffles growing several tens of centimeters deep and tens of meters away-something no human could replicate! Their extraordinary sense of smell also allows them to detect truffles hidden in dense vegetation, such as thorny grasses or shrubs, where humans would have sure difficulty finding them.

They are not only used for truffle hunting; these dogs have also won recognition for their talent in agility competitions and obedience trials. The breed has been celebrated internationally for its incredible qualities, including being listed by the American Kennel Club in 2009 as a working dog, something that really belongs to very few breeds overseas

We have always believed that for breeding animals, hence not only for living close to them and for them, but to decide to dedicate ourselves to their reproduction, it is necessary to love our dogs. But this love need not be confused with the human perception of love, but has to be aimed at preserving and respecting their wellbeingphysiology and ethology.

And these principles are the corner stones of ourselves and of our kennel.

Have a good Lagotto Romagnolo everyone! 
Cacao Meravigliao Kennel Team

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