Characteristics ans selection
Our dogs

The breeding of the Lagotto Romagnolo is guided by a well-defined breeding standard. This standard that has been thought up, drafted and modified in the past years by breed founders – or better “rediscovers”, identifies and describes the ideal traits that a true Lagotto shall have. In the dog shows, for example, that dog that comes closest to the standard will be the winner.

During the perpetual and constant research for the “perfect” dog each breeder has his own preferences for certain characteristics that he believes in or prefers for different reasons. Our selection, in particular, has the aim to breed puppies that will grow into equilibrated adults, with good working attitudestrong and healthy, of medium size, without touching the extremes of huge or tiny dogs.

A “Conditio sine qua non” for all our dogs is being healthy, both according to phenotype and to genotype. That’s why we are working together with renowned research institution, both private and university, in order to test the dogs that are selected for reproduction and to ensure their genetic health (hip dysplasia controls, epilepsy and DNA). The coat that we prefer and aim at is rough and curly, with colors being mainly brown, white-brown and roan brown.


Our Lagottos

We take part in ENCI and FCI shows, both for beauty and for working, and we train our dogs for truffle searching, with additional help of qualified instructors. Several of our dogs are used to search for natural truffles (as opposed to essence searching), with our males Cacao Meravigliao Timorasso and Cacao della Metaurense, and our females Arsa and Ruspetta being the top of the excellence.